Sunday, November 24, 2013

Going back to work

So, I have gone back to work. It wasn't a fun decision to make since I have been home with my kiddos for several years now and LOVE it. I tried putting off going back to work for as long as utterly possible, for the simple fact that I have been dealing with this hypothyroidism. I wish I could be like, I take my pill and it is magic....ALL BETTER! As I have mentioned before, for some people that have this, taking the pill is the magic that repairs everything. I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE LUCKY PEOPLE. Turns out untreated, it causes anemia (for which I had a blood transfusion) severe stomach issues for which I have been to the emergency multiple times. I can say that those issues are gone! YAY! Okay, wait....not completely gone. I mean it just hasn't been bad enough to send me to the hospital....but, hahaha, THAT IS AN IMPROVEMENT. No more paleness and looking like my body has been drained by a vampire.....hoorah! Gone is the bone shivering cold I used to feel in the middle of summer. I can actually MOVE! I can have a day where I clean my house! As much as I HATE, DESPISE, LOATH, DETEST....(uh, you get the pic?) cleaning....I have the energy to do it sometimes. Oh, don't get me wrong, I love for my house to be clean! Love it, love it, love it! Makes me feel GRRRRRREAT for the few seconds it is clean! I can't think right, when it's dirty. I am in a bad mood, if it's dirty. I snap at people, when it's dirty. But don't be all thinking that it is clean all the time. See, I am one person in this 6 person army and the subordinates (is it wrong to include my hubby in the subordinates....hehehe...okay, fine, he is an guys are no fun. Hahahaha.) do not share my love for a clean abode. I mean, I think they like it to be clean, but don't want to do the work. I understand, I mean there are so many other fun things to do with your time.......say like sitting on the couch like a lump on a log scrolling through Netflix trying to find yet another show that has 5 season worth of espisodes THAT YOU NEED to watch NOW! Yeah, there are important things that can be done with "cleaning time". (Is that where the period goes?) Does anyone know where I can take Freshman English? As you can tell, not enough attention was paid by yours truly during that time of my vida. MAYBE I can just show up and sit by my daughter in her class....THAT WOULD BE FUN! NOT! Ugh, who wants to go back to high school...not me! So for now you shall be perturbed by my misuse of the English language and its mechanics. Anyhoooo, oh cleaning, like the end result...hate the process. Oh yeah, I have a new lovely symptom from this hypothyroidism that has been disrupting what should be a peaceful life....JOINT PAIN. OMG, it is so bad. I have never experienced this so severely in my life until several months ago. I was like and old arthritic dog begging to be put out of my misery. The Dr.'s gave me pain meds that didn't help! It is so funny, they gave me this medicine and it was a topical ointment......DIDN'T HELP WORTH A DAMN! However when the hubby hurt his back and used it, took him OUT! He was asleep well over half the day. So, I am 106 lbs and he is over 250....what is wrong with this picture??? So yeah, I have been in pain. WHAT DOES THIS have to do with work? Well, let me share.......see, I got this job thang, where like they give you money for walking......basically...hahaha. No really, it is called picking. Ever done it before? No? Well, for the average person, it is kinda cool. You get your fitness on WHILE at work and COULD IT GET ANY SIMPLER THAN WALKING? DO NOT BE FOOLED PEOPLE! This job is BUHRUTAHL!!!!!! (that means brutal with lots of dramatic intonation.) They (the boss man/lady) are all like, this is like, such a fun playyyce to work! WHERE IS THE FUN??? Because after my shift and during, I must take body numbing medications to make this body fit for mobility. Walking 9 hrs a day....solid. Sounds like a breeze. Talk to my feet. I am talking like 9.5 hrs NO sitting, this is not a joke or an over exaggeration. I could probably walk to L.A. I would be a great hunter gatherer cave woman with these walking My body is BARELY starting to adjust, (or is that the I get home and I am WIPED! BUT, BUT, BUT...........wait there is a reason why I haven't thrown in the towel just yet. See, while I have worked in offices wearing suits and talking to the major decision makers for some great companies, I worked 5 days a week. I had to beg for time off. One time, I didn't get to see my baby girl on her first day of Kinder. I hoo, there are many Mommies out there that don't get to see these milestones. I was so used to doing that....wahhh. In this job however it is very flexible in terms of days off and there are even days where they are like hey, you want tomorrow off? Hellz yeah, that is what I scream in my head! I have 3 days off and I LOOOOOVE THAT! I am trying to hang in there, I really am. Plus, I kinda thought that by getting a job where I was moving all the time, that my body would have to surrender and be like, get over it joints, she wins. These joints are putting up a hell of a fight I gotta say, but I am giving them the finger with the meds. So who is winning now? Really, I don't know hahaha. Oh well, so that is the situation for now. I am writing this on my day off, sitting in my bed, still in my jammies and still having pain even though there is no amount of walking that shall be done today.....well, for now anyways, because I hear Costco calling my name, I hear pecans (for pecan pies)and massive pounds of cheese (for mashed potatoes)and random samples of food....should I answer their call?

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