Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Glitter Grapes

Go buy some grapes...green ones. Fine then, get whatever color you prefer and grab a box of your favorite Jello. :) Now wash the grapes and pat them gently with a towel, so they are not sopping wet. They do have to be damp for the Jello to stick to them. Open your box of Jello and generously coat the grapes with powder content of Jello packet. If you are like me,and like sour stuff, add some powder citric acid til they are as sour as you like now chill them for an hour OR freeze. They are so yummy and muy bonitas!

Coconut Oil

Been wanting to find out what all the hype is about! I have put it on my hair and skin so far. It smells VERY faintly like toasted coconut. The scent is very light and I don't think it lingers at all. I put it on my lips and it felt too greasy, yet I feel like it was absorbed easily when I used it on my legs.
Next is to use it in cooking! I saw that it comes in an aerosol cooking spray, you know like Pam. You can also spread it on toast....so I hear! I will soon be updating you on my experiences with Coconut Oil .

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ginger~ spicy & brown ~ like me!

I am sharing this little diamond of information with you because of how much it has helped me. First note, I have always hated ginger. I have always been turned off by it's smell and funky bulbous look. But, if this life has taught me anything, it has taught me to never say never. (Side bar, life taught me that lesson rather cruelly, so take MY WORD for it PLEASE.....never say never!) Anyhow, ugh, I would see my people loving pickled ginger and fresh ginger and ginger candy......EEEWWW, SICK, GROSS!!!! Then, this rather hideous looking little root kept popping up everywhere, it was touted as being chock full of benefits that seemed tailored to fit my needs. Still I resisted, because I wondered if I could tolerate something I detested. Then I began to think of all the dishes that I DID like that contained ginger and how it could be used in a subtle manner. Ginger is spicy, pungent and verrrrrry aromatic. Hmmm, I figured I would at least give it a try. After all, Dr. Oz has yet to steer me wrong!

I started by just getting a slice, about 1/2 an inch and letting that sit in some boiling water. I then added honey and lemon juice (both have their own specific health benefits) to taste. Cut to the chase, this Ginger hater, has done an about face! WHAT????? Yeah, I know! I am so tricky! I am a freakin chameleon, like it today, hater tomorrow, vice versa! Bam! No one can hold me down, you can't pigeonhole me, I CHANGE, I go with the flow!

So, it only stands to reason then, that if a little can help, more is better...RIGHT??? So, I brought my trusty little Vitamix in on this next operation, I wanted to pulverize the ugly looking little root so I could extract every little ounce of "benefit" it had to offer. So, I peeled it, pulverized it and now I had what looked like ginger sludge. Whoa! Stings the nostrils something fierce! But, I would not be deterred! Trying to hold me off from your "benefits" with your overwhelming odor....pshhh....don't try it little root...I WIN! I ALWAYS DO! ;) So, now twice daily I have a heaping tablespoon of ginger, honey, lemon and a tsp of cinnamon in a little tea concoction that helps me feel oh so good. So, when you sit by me, you may get a strong craving for asian food and NOW, you will know why! ;)

Ginger is known to help with nausea, it is a digestive~aid and an anti~inflammatory. I trust that you will do your own research and not just take my humble lil ol word for things.

GINGER, YOU ROCK, YOU ARE SMALL, BROWN AND UNDERNEATH YOUR FUNKY EXTERIOR LIES A TRUE TREASURE! (I refer to myself and the ugly little root....why not take a little time to give myself some love!)

Have a great day amigos!

Gloomily Going Gluten Free


A substance present in cereal grains, esp. wheat, that is responsible for the elastic texture of dough.

 I entered this gluten free schlep under doom and gloom circumstances. This isn't some fad diet that I am trying out. Not that I am anti fad diets...lol. I am just anti any diet that takes away all joy in life. You don't realize what an emotional attachment you have to all the wheat, barley and rye filled goodies you have in your life, until you can't have it. (good thing I am not a beer drinker) And whoa, did this deprivation stir up some angry beasts that reside in my belly.

I began this unfortunate adjustment to my diet at the advice of the doctors during one of my many visits to the E.R.. My tummy was so irritated that it was revolting every time I ate! One of my tests indicated that I had the beginning signs of Celiacs Disease, so it made sense when I was told to go gluten free. I didn't take this info to heart...in fact, I didn't listen. It was the second time I was told this, that I accepted this as a method to heal my body. See, my thoughts were, how can I mysteriously "develop" an intolerance to something that I have consumed all my life and had been fine with. It must be something else, I told myself. Well, after my second to last E.R. visit, I was willing to give it a go, only because really scary things were happening in my body....I shall spare you the gory details.

I got home and was hungry...let's stop and get something to eat......that's laughable! Fast food joints that usually made me smile while drool spilled from my mouth, now made me want to punch them in the face! The devastating reality hit and I realized that wheat is a practically inescapable ingredient and has weaseled its way into almost every item that comes in a box or is packaged OR TASTES GOOD! So, there will be no bowl of cereal, no piece of toast or garlic bread, no cakes, no flour tortillas, no pasta, no canned soup, no soy sauce, no crackers.........NO, NO, NO, NO! That's all I heard!

When I first began this endeavor, (it was not a true choice but one my body was forcing me to make) major meltdown mode to set in. I was angry that everyone else got to eat burgers, biscuits, pancakes, doughnuts, cakes, cookies and everything else that tastes great! I cried, yes, tears ran down my face when I was frustrated from checking food labels trying to figure out what I could eat. In the end, once my emotions had subsided and I regained control of myself and I could feel the healing in my body, I surrendered to the trendy gluten free lifestyle. I cried the first time I had a brownie that actually tasted like a brownie. There is major progress happening on the gluten free scene and many educating and recipe filled blogs to inform us gluten free newbies on how to handle this transition! So, here is what my pantry looks like.....even the packaging looks sad to be gluten free right!
It seems to be saying in some hippy fashion statement "it is what inside that counts!"
I have now embraced being gluten free and juicing, ONLY because it has made me feel so much better! Sometimes I do stray from the path and when I do, there are consequences that my body makes sure to enforce upon me, making sure I remember my sad, sad limitations.
 There is a book out titled Wheat Belly, I have only read a few excerpts from it and seen the author do interviews. What I have heard and read so far makes so much sense! Maybe I should read the whole book....will keep you posted on that!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The absentee blogger~that would be me

Hello there....whoever is reading my gibberish. I know, I have been absent! I have learned in the past month that I am now high maintenance. Yeah, it's pretty irritating. I started feeling better, so I gradually stopped drinking my smoothies and other healthy measures....OMG....talk about crash! The weird thing is, I didn't realize what happened until I felt like goo that had to be scraped up from the floor. I was like, what the heck is wrong with me!!! Oh, yeah....I forgot this anemia thing is totally separate from the tummy thing and will take me down in no time flat. I know, blah, blah, blah, you have heard this story before...but apparently I am a real slow learner. Long story short, in order to maintain this body in functioning condition, I have to drink a spinach or kale smoothie every damned day, take a prescription strength iron pill and drink a tea that has a tablespoon of fresh ground up ginger root twice a day! Ugh! So frustrating!

Anyways, I have soooo much to share! Like, my new favorite thing to have around as a snack is frozen pineapple. I cut up a pineapple and then put it in the freezer and BAM! Delicious snack! I visited my favorite restaurant and am now in search of a new favorite restaurant. I think maybe Simas is going to have to replace it. I love their Crepes Franz Joseph and they have the best Creme Brulee! Plus it is owned by the sweetest couple. Damien took me there for the first time when we were dating, been going there ever since. What are your favorite restaurants?

I have recipes to share and stuff....so, I will get back on the computer now that I am no longer feeling like the walking dead. Life is good.....I mean Justin Timberlake is gonna host SNL this weekend!!!!!!!!!! Can I get an AMEN! Don't forget to set your DVR, because that is one talented mf! I am sure I will be up though.........since my son will be at prom which equals...NO SLEEP FOR THIS MAMA!!!!

My computer generated ramblings shall resume in the very near future......ttyl! ;)